College Stress

Therapy for Adults, Children, and Couples

College Stress

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Poor time management
  • Test anxiety
  • Lack of motivation
  • Identity issues
  • Self esteem
  • Eating disorders

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you struggling to balance school, social life, daily tasks and work?

Are you finding your course load too challenging, or it difficult to make friends in a new environment?

College life is filled with a bewildering variety of choices: what courses to take, what major, course of study and career path to choose, who to hang out with, how much time to put into studies versus social life, what activities to participate in, where and when to eat, and on and on.

College is a period of great growth, but it can also be a time of great stress. Compared to high school, college requires huge advances in self-regulation and time management.

Throughout the college years, students are faced with new temptations as well as opportunities. This includes the challenges of dating and emerging sexuality, a culture of alcohol and drug abuse,and a social environment that, for some, can include a profound sense of isolation.

Depression and suicide are some of the more serious issues that can arise. Through counseling for young adults, I have been able to work with college students, often in conjunction with parents and other professionals, to intervene when needed.

I work with college students to develop skills in the following areas: 


  • Time management
  • Self regulation skills
  • Managing anxiety and stress
  • Balancing school and social life
  • Social boundaries
  • Planning and goals
  • Developing a strong self identity


Young Adult Counseling Can Provide You With The Support And Skills Needed To Navigate Your Environment, Relationships And Responsibilities

Regardless of your specific issues, counseling for young adults can help you develop the skills, tools and strategies you need to overcome challenges, mitigate stress and build the confidence needed to succeed and feel fulfilled. Using a therapy strategy tailored to best support and address your personality, history, needs and goals, I can help you identify the causes of underlying stress, and develop effective tools for change.

Throughout our work together, I’ll offer you guidance and support as you set and achieve goals, increase self-awareness, strengthen your relationships and develop skills to effectively mitigate and manage the stress that comes with college. Like anything else in life, you get out of therapy what you put into it. If you’re committed to self-exploration and open to change, counseling for young adults can help you achieve happiness, confidence, competence and meaningful connections.

Post Graduation Stress

Many students find the transition from college to post graduation life difficult. They suddenly lose the social and institutional support and structure of college life. A move to a new city, loss of contact with their former social circle, a new job or graduate school all can produce anxiety, stress and a variety of emotional challenges. Successfully transitioning from college life to adulthood takes work! And, I’m here to help you with this transition. Young adults greatly benefit from support and insight that therapy sessions offer during this pivotal period.

Young adult adjustment issues are very common. Overwhelm surfaces during this critical period (very pronounced during the ages of 18-25) particularly as there is uncertainty around key life areas. Work & school demand high obligations but also may be filled with uncertainty and vulnerability. Relationships can become more serious, and friendships can come and go after college creating serious adjustment issues in one’s personal life. Finances require attention and parents are often done chipping in and playing their part. Multiple shifts during young adulthood (especially ages 18-25) can create stress, and support post-college for young adults is here.

Although you may see the benefit in counseling for young adults, you still may have a few questions or concerns…

I’ve heard that counseling for young adults can be expensive and time consuming. I’m not sure I can add another commitment to my schedule.

Counseling for young adults does require a time and financial investment, but the academic, social and emotional pay-offs can be invaluable. If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, stress or other problematic issues, your focus, productivity and relationships may be suffering. And, many of these issues will not go away on their own and could potentially worsen if left unaddressed. By investing in yourself now, you’re creating the opportunity to feel better sooner and function with greater ease and confidence. You can also learn valuable skills to help you navigate the ups and downs of college and beyond so you can achieve success and meet your potential in all aspects of your life.

My parents are paying for my therapy sessions. Will you share what I share in sessions with them?

Counseling for young adults is strictly confidential. Unless you are threating to physically harm yourself or someone else or someone is physically harming you, everything you say to me in sessions stays between us. Confidentially and trust between therapist and client is a key component of successful therapy, and it’s a commitment I take seriously.

I’m already feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. I’m worried that talking about my problems will only make me feel worse.

While counseling for young adults may initially seem intimidating, or out of your comfort-zone, it’s only by facing your issues, increasing your self-awareness and working through challenges that you’re able to find solutions and sustainable relief. And, while it’s common to feel apprehensive about therapy, most of my young adults clients find that I provide a warm and safe environment that fosters open communication, healing and growth. I’ll meet you where you are emotionally. We can set the pace of the sessions and it’s up to you what and how much you share. I’ll offer you thoughtful and practical feedback as well as new perspectives and support as you make the discoveries and changes that can improve confidence and set you up for success in college and throughout your life.

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