The Process

Therapy for Children and the Adults in their Lives

The Process

I have training and experience in a wide variety of therapeutic methods. This allows me to approach each person individually with the optimal approach to solve the issue at hand.

I start by listening to your concerns and goals. What do you want to be different in your life?

We’ll make a plan that fits your needs. For most clients, this means a combination of working on stress management skills, relationships, and help in dealing with challenging emotions.

Therapy is about making a connection but it also involves specific skills and techniques. My emphasis and training is on techniques that offer proven, effective, short & longer term therapies which are known to deliver rapid results.

Play Therapy

play-therapyPlay Therapy is a well recognized method of working with clients, especially younger children. It allows me to interact with the child in a way that feels safe and natural to the child. I have a wide variety of age appropriate toys and games. Play creates trust with the child and allows me to observe the child and start the therapeutic conversation. Association for Play Therapy



EMDREye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a relatively new, but well researched technique for accessing deeper levels of distress and then transforming old feelings. “Repeated studies show that by using EMDR people can experience the benefits of psychotherapy that once took years to make a difference.” EMDR Institute


Cognitive-Behavioral-TherapyCognitive Behavior Therapy works on identifying and changing distorted or exaggerated thought patterns. For example, some people tend to catastrophize, consciously or not. This means that small problems tend to become magnified all out of proportion to their actual significance. CBT offers a proven approach to modifying and gaining control of distorted thought patterns. “Cognitive-behavioral therapy is considered among the most rapid in terms of results obtained.” CBT Website


TFCBTTrauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy – It is an unfortunate fact that many children and adolescents experience traumatic events such as child abuse, domestic violence, rape, violent crime, community violence, natural disasters, war, terrorism, and the death of loved ones under traumatic circumstances. TFCBT is an adaptation of CBT designed specifically to deal with such trauma. Although, fortunately, this is not a reality for most of us, I have seen many adults and children who have been victims of trauma and violence. In addition to practical experience I have participated in extensive training in TFCBT through Duke University EPIC Program. TFCBT Website

Imago Therapy

Imago-TherapyImago Therapy is an effective template for solving difficult relationship issues in a safe manner. Imago shows you how to reconnect by using a new way of talking together, called the Imago dialogue. It’s a way of listening and speaking which helps you learn more about each other. Imago Therapy


nlpNeurolinguistic Programming is an approach to understanding how we take in and process information that includes valuable tools for creating change. I have had very extensive training in NLP and use these techniques in my everyday work with clients. NLP


DNMSDevelopmental Needs Meeting Strategy is a frame for therapy that gives both the therapist and the client a roadmap for resolving deeper issues. The premise of DNMS is that most emotional difficulties can be traced to unmet childhood needs and that the therapeutic process involves resolving and teaching the client to meet their own needs as an adult. For example, a child who felt unloved may as an adult look for love in inappropriate ways and have great difficulty establishing stable adult relationships. Within this frame I use many of the other approaches mentioned here as tools to reach this resolution. DNMS

Art Therapy

art-therapyI have a special interest in working with children, especially very young children. Even young children can experience trauma, anxiety and depression. I strongly believe that they deserve help and that early intervention can put them on track for a more fulfilling life. Art therapy is a wonderful way for kids to connect and express their feelings in a safe, non verbal format. I have a studio space filled with the art produced by younger clients. It provides inspiration to kids when they first come in and it’s a source of joy for me. Therapy is serious business, but can be fun too! The Effectiveness of Art Therapy Interventions in Reducing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Symptoms in Pediatric Trauma Patients

Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation Training

mindfulnessMindfulness is one of the key strategies to reducing stress. My own meditation practice is a key part of my own self care. There are many approaches to quieting the mind and I offer coaching and training in a number of them so we can find one that best suits your needs and temperament. Mindfulness Meditation




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