I took my child to see David because I was very concerned about her self esteem and how she was doing at school. He worked with her on feeling better around other kids, and on feeling comfortable enough to participate in class. Her mood shifted for the positive and she began to improve in her school work too. Now she is less shy, more open with others, and I feel that the two of us get along better. Glad for her sessions and thanks!

– C.A., Chapel Hill, NC


My daughter’s grades were going downhill. Working with David helped turn things around in a short time. She is participating better at school, and there is less tension at home.

– M.V., Graham, NC


My son had been throwing tantrums and refusing to help around the house. Now he is much happier and more cooperative. He does his chores and I don’t even have to ask him.

– L.G., Chapel Hill, NC


I was confused and stressed with the transition to college to the point of being suicidal. David helped me with tools for coping and working through some difficult feelings. Now I’m doing great.

– H.H., Raleigh, NC


My teenage daughter would not talk to me and was refusing to do her homework. She is really doing better both at home and at school. I can’t believe the change.

– A.C., Pittsboro, NC


During the holidays my husband and I were very stressed about interacting with relatives and it was really affecting our relationship. It was worth it to work through the deeper issues this situation had brought up. Our relationship has really opened up and we feel much closer.

– T.W., Chapel Hill, NC


My decision to work with David Shanks was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made for my career. He has shown me how to contribute to my organization and professional advancement in ways that I had not known before consulting with him… I am particularly grateful for the access he provided me to my true self and the growth that naturally flows from this understanding. I work better now, and I do it by working smarter, not harder… I highly recommend David’s services as a professional coach.

James B. Davis, Program Assistant, Board on Earth Sciences and Resources,
National Academy of Sciences


I have a terrible singing voice or I would sing the praises of David Shanks… His direction as a business coach is remarkable. His insight and subsequent guidance caused me to bring him into contact with my key staff. He worked with them in the areas of sales training, goal setting, organization, and productivity… I strongly recommend his work as an executive coach and business consultant.

– John Sipp, President and CEO, John F. Sipp & Associates